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Get the Most From Training: Listen More, Talk Less

One time I was working with a film crew out here in the desert Southwest. These folks were a long way from home and not at all familiar with my part of the country. So I gave them a brief … Continue reading

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Means and Skills: The Winning Combination

I recently saw this interesting quote on social media: “Willingness is a state of mind. Readiness is a state of fact.” While this may apply to many situations, it is critically important to the armed citizen, so I call it … Continue reading

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So, How Much Ammo Should You Carry?

I have a confession to make. I will often get on social media and post something like, “You can’t miss fast enough to win.” or “Having lots of ammo is important only if you plan to miss a lot.”  Then … Continue reading

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Range Traning: Get The Most From It

It may be safe to say that none of us get to the range and practice our defensive shooting as often as we should. And, when we get to go shooting, we spend several hours throwing lead downrange. In fact, it often … Continue reading

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