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Thoughts on the Scout Rifle

Col. Jeff Cooper began to experiment with the concept that would come to be called the Scout Rifle in the 1960’s. Essentially, he wanted a light, powerful rifle that would be equally qualified to handle most hunting chores and also … Continue reading

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Tiger McKee & The Book of Two Guns

Once in a while you come across a real gem in the field of defensive training. In this case I have found two, instructor Tiger McKee and his book, The Book of Two Guns. Tiger has studied under the masters … Continue reading

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Colt: An Icon in the Firearms Industry

This past week, for the first time in a long time, Colt Firearms invited a group of gun writers to visit their plant in in Hartford, Connecticut. And I was pleased to be among the chosen. I had never visited … Continue reading

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More Tactards

A while back, Richard Mann coined the term TacTard to describe an individual who is tactically misguided. Richard claims he stole the term from someone else, but I choose to give him credit for it and, since this is my … Continue reading

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