Colt New Frontier

Some years ago, I received this Colt New Frontier as a gift from some friends who were handling PR work for Colt Firearms. It is chambered for the .45 Colt cartridge and the action was tuned by the Colt Custom Shop. It quickly became one of my favorite single actions because it shot so well, especially when loaded with the 255 gr semi-wadcutter load from DoubleTap Ammunition. 

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Bringing a Gun to Fistfight Is Not Always a Good Idea

More and more citizens are becoming concerned about the chaos, crime, and violence that we are seeing in American cities. And reports indicate people are buying defensive firearms in record numbers. However, owning a firearm is just one small part of personal defense. Not all criminal attacks justify the use of deadly force.

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Lessons of the FBI Miami Shootout

Studying gunfights of the past allows concealed-carry licensees to prepare for the ever-changing dynamics of a life-threatening encounter in ways that practicing on a typical square range cannot.

On April 11, 1986, FBI agents were engaged in a gunfight that has been studied nearly as much as the OK Corral fight in Arizona. On this date, eight federal agents shot it out with two violent criminals. Both suspects were killed, two FBI agents lost their lives, and five others were wounded.

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It’s a Stupid Criminal Roundup

Watching movies or TV, you might get the impression that all crooks are super crafty and exceptionally intelligent. The fact is that there are very few Einsteins in the criminal world. This is a fact that most of us old lawmen appreciated and took a good deal of entertainment from. 

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