New Sheriff Jim Wilson Documentary Now Live on Amazon Prime

Nighthawk Custom presents a Panteo Productions documentary: Up Close With: Sheriff Jim Wilson. With gunwriter and Sheriff Jim’s friend and colleague Richard Mann jamming with the man himself.

Directed by Fernando Coelho, the film captures the authenticity of a conversation only two old friends can have. Packed with tales and tunes, it tells the story of a life that could on have been lived in Texas straight from the larger-than-life man who continues to live it.

“Take 30 minutes out of your day and watch a real, honest to goodness, Texas lawman tell some stories and sing a few western songs. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed being a part of history and producing this video.”

Richard Mann
Release posted for "Up Close With Sheriff Jim Wilson.

Watch now on Amazon Prime.

Buy the video and Sheriff Jim Wilson’s 3-Album Box Set

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