Adventures of a Texas Storyteller

Sheriff Jim Wilson proves that you actually can get a Jeep stuck in the mud.
See, here’s what happened. On our way down to the canyon where Joe Sitter was killed, I saw this little mud hole. Not a problem! After all, I was driving a Jeep and I had 4-wheel drive.

The mud that you see is the stuff that adobe bricks are made from. Even when you have 4-wheel drive, this stuff teaches respect. 4-wheel-high didn’t work. 4-wheel-low didn’t work. Rocks and brush under the tires didn’t work. Two boys with a flat-bed truck and a tow strap finally did work. They were the only vehicle that we’d seen in 3 hours and you can bet that we gave them enough cash to restock their annual supply of cold beer.

I might also mention that all four of us were wearing guns. Nobody got excited. Nobody got scared. But everyone comported themselves in a gentlemanly manner. Did I mention how much I love Texas? I don’t like that particular mud hole very much, but I do love Texas.

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