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Upland Tips Learned the Hard Way

I started hunting upland birds probably the same way that most of you did. That is, I got a modified or full-choked shotgun and loaded it up with high-brass shotgun shells. When I didn’t get what I thought was my fair … Continue reading

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People Violence—Part Two

Most people would agree that America has a pretty poor track record when it comes to banning things. National Prohibition and the War on Drugs are two failed programs that quickly come to mind. So it stands to reason that … Continue reading

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The Defensive Trainer

Take a variety of defensive training classes and you quickly realize that there are all different kinds of trainers. Some are good, some are really bad, and a few, a very few, are excellent. In my book the worst of … Continue reading

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Tiger McKee & The Book of Two Guns

Once in a while you come across a real gem in the field of defensive training. In this case I have found two, instructor Tiger McKee and his book, The Book of Two Guns. Tiger has studied under the masters … Continue reading

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