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Paying to Hunt

Texas has no public land to speak of, due to the fact that we kept all of our public land in the treaty that joined us to the Union. Consequently, one must either pay a trespass fee to hunt on … Continue reading

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Bullet Placement

 “Power cannot make up for poor bullet placement to any significant degree.” Finn Aagaard With the hunting season right upon us, let’s continue our study of making a clean, humane shot that will bring home the venison. In the last … Continue reading

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Bullet Performance

 “Bullets kill by tissue destruction. They do not kill by shock.” Finn Aagaard Since bullets are a disposable item, many hunters pay very little attention to them. Nor do they really understand what a bullet must do. This is a … Continue reading

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The Stuff That Goes With It

When we are getting ready for a hunt, we spend a lot of time and thought on the right firearm, optics, and ammunition. And, while all of that is important, it is not the end of the search for stuff … Continue reading

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