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Premium Performance

There is an old southern saying that “the proof is in the puddin’.” And nowhere is that truer than when you are talking about premium bullets for heavy, dangerous game. Let’s face it, on heavy stuff like buffalo, your inexpensive … Continue reading

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Photos from the Mozambique Buffalo Hunt

Here are a few pictures from the Mozambique hunt we just completed. I’ll have some more posts on it for you soon. Il Ling New and a good warthog taken with her Ruger Super Redhawk. Il Ling and a really … Continue reading

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Buff in the Swamp

It certainly didn’t look like any swamp that I’d ever seen, I can tell you that. I was thinking cypress trees, hanging vines, dark, still water. You know, a regular southern swamp. What passes for a swamp in Mozambique looks … Continue reading

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Practice for the Most Danger

Never fear, he’ll be back soon: Sheriff Jim is on safari somewhere west of The Horn and east of The Cape. He’ll be back in the EE. UU. in the next few days. In the meantime we bring you some of … Continue reading

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