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VIDEO: Sheriff’s Tip – Lever Guns for Personal Protection

Perhaps you live an in area where where owning a defensive handgun is virtually impossible. Many times AR “black guns” are just as prohibited. In those environments, you’ll find the ol’ lever action carbine can make an excellent defensive weapon.┬áJust … Continue reading

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Ordering “West of Somewhere”

You can now order my new CD, WEST OF SOMEWHERE, with your credit card, right from this web site. Go to the top of the page and click on either WEST OF SOMEWHERE or THE GENERAL STORE. Either one will … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Sheriff’s Tip – Ride the Safety

If you have a semi-auto handgun with a thumb safety, the best kind of grip is one where your thumb rides that safety. Among other things, it’ll keep you from engaging it at the worst possible moment! Just one of … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Sheriff Tip – The Thumbs Have It

Right now the “thumbs-forward” style of grip is very popular with action and target shooters. However, a more conventional “thumb-over-thumb” grip is probably a better bet for all you defensive shooters out there. Just one of my segments from the … Continue reading

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