Australia Bound

In just a couple of days we’ll be off to the Northern Territory of Australia on a buffalo-culling operation.  We’ll be hunting with Simon & Elspeth Kyle-Little ( on the Gove Peninsula in the Northern Territory.

I’ll be shooting my Ruger #1, in .375 H&H, with a Leupold 1.5×5 scope.  Il Ling will be shooting her brand new CZ 550, also in .375 H&H.  Thanks to our friend Jason Morton, at CZ USA, for getting that rifle out to her so quickly (

We’ll both be shooting a new Barnes 350 gr. TSX bullet for the .375.  The bullets are loaded over a suitable load of Ramshot’s Big Game powder, pushing them at a bit over 2300fps.  This new bullet and load are surprisingly accurate and has produced ¾” groups in both of your rifles.  Jessica Brooks tells me that Barnes will put the new 350 TSX and a 350 gr. banded solid in their 2010 Barnes Bullets catalog (

Anyway, we are really excited about this hunt.  We’ll have some good friends along to share camp with and it should be all-around great fun.  I’ll be writing the hunt up for American Hunter magazine.  And, of course, will have a full report, with photos, for my web site when I get back.

See ya down the road….

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