Verbal Deescalation: The Best Defensive Tool Isn’t Always in Your Holster

If you think about it, we spend our entire lives using our voices to get what we want and to avoid what we don’t. It is interesting how some folks develop this into quite an art, while others don’t have a clue. That is also true when we consider self-defense, although we rarely discuss using voice as a tool.

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Lever Guns: Great For Self Defense

The Winchester Model 1894: A Classic American Rifle. Sheriff Jim Wilson

Some of the big news this week is Ruger’s acquisition of Marlin since the previous owner, Remington, is folding up. And that got me thinking about lever guns as defensive firearms.

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Securing Your Carry Gun

Quite a few years ago, I made a trip to visit my folks. Out of respect for my mother’s wishes, I took my Colt revolver off and put it on the shelf in the hall closet. That’s an old-time tradition in the Southwest—the old-timers didn’t go into someone’s house wearing their spurs, leggings, or guns. It was a way of showing respect and friendship.

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Hearing and the Role it Plays in Awareness

Sheriff Jim Wilson's Take from the NRA's Shooting Illustrated

During the time I was a county sheriff, an informant came to me with the news that a man wanted for murder was hanging out in our town. I checked it out with the reporting agency and then made plans to arrest him. It turned out that he was staying in a large travel trailer that had two exterior doors.

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