Concealed Carry: Expect the Unexpected

Virtually every day, you can read about some honest citizen faced with a violent criminal attack. Some of these attacks occur in the home, while others occur on the street, in the workplace, or in many locations that people visit when going about their daily lives. However, the one thing that 99.9 percent of these attacks have in common is that the citizen didn’t have any idea that the attack was going to occur.

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Your Home Defense Plan: Include the Entire Family

When most people think about home defense, their thoughts are not so much about the physical dwelling as they are about the family members who live within. Too often, however, we think of protecting the children, but we don’t realize that they are also part of the overall defense plan. 

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The Custom Thunder Ranch Combat Special by Nighthawk

Clint Smith is one of my favorite people. His background includes service in the military and also in law enforcement. He is one of the best-known instructors in the defensive shooting field, and Thunder Ranch remains one of the most popular venues for serious defensive shooters. And, anyone who has taken his classes or seen his videos knows he also could have been a stand-up comedian. But, instead, his humor underscores the serious, no-nonsense training for which the man is known. Over the years, I have enjoyed his friendship and the numerous classes I’ve taken at Thunder Ranch.

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What’s Best for Home Defense – Handgun, Shotgun, or Rifle?

I’ve seen many articles regarding defensive firearms for protecting the old homestead. In most of them, the author makes a case for a shotgun over a rifle or a rifle over a shotgun. And virtually all of these articles talk about the small role the handgun plays. Of course, there is always a lot of good information in these articles, but I will take a different approach to the subject. There is a place for all three types of firearms in a properly set up home-defense plan: the handgun, the shotgun, and the rifle.

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