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Surviving A Gunfight: Go Back to Basics

Recently, I was watching a video by my friend Dave Spaulding. Dave was mulling over all of the efforts that we make to understand what goes on with a person during a violent confrontation. He talked about adrenaline dumps, increased heart … Continue reading

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Defensive Decisions: Making & Modifying Personal-Protection Plans

In the past, I’ve talked about the need for your defensive gun handling to be almost second nature because your attention should be focused on the threat and your plan to deal with it. Modifying a plan to quickly deal … Continue reading

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Five Beans in the Wheel

There is something important that folks need to know about traditional single-action revolvers (the exception being the newer guns with transfer-bar safeties, like the New Model Rugers). If you load all of the chambers in the cylinder and the gun … Continue reading

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There’s a Lesson Here, Somewhere

Dodge City, April, 1879 – Frank Loving was a young gambler who made his living on the frontier circuit. He had focused his attention on getting good with cards and neglected the equally important education of getting good with guns. On … Continue reading

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