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Paying to Hunt

Texas has no public land to speak of, due to the fact that we kept all of our public land in the treaty that joined us to the Union. Consequently, one must either pay a trespass fee to hunt on … Continue reading

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Getting Ready

As you have probably heard by now, Il Ling New, Richard Mann, and I, are going to be hunting in Mozambique this coming August. Richard and I will be hunting cape buffalo and Il Ling will be after antelope, though … Continue reading

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The High Fence Issue

More and more hunting in this country is becoming a matter of arranging a hunt on private land. This is generally not a problem because land owners are seeing wild game as a money crop and are taking necessary steps … Continue reading

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So You Want to Be a Handgun Hunter

Like most of the things involved in this shooting business, just saying something doesn’t make it so. If you are serious about handgun hunting, however, here are a few tips that will get you headed in the right direction. CALIBER … Continue reading

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