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Colt Single Action Resource Book

Asking Dave Scovill about Colt Single Actions is a lot like asking Chet Atkins about guitars. You’d better have brought a pen and notebook with you so you can record all the information accurately. The good news is that Dave … Continue reading

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Out of the Morning Fog

While it was still dark, I went to the spot on the hillside where I had decided to sit and wait for morning shooting light. Down in the creek bottom the fog lay tight on the ground partially concealing the … Continue reading

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Frank Hamer Tales

Not only was Frank Hamer an interesting character, but he also set the mold for the Texas Rangers who came after him. Throughout his long career, Hamer always relied on his engraved Colt .45 single action. However, after his horseback … Continue reading

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The Scout Belt

The Scout Belt is an interesting piece of equipment that has its origins in the American Southwest. The first bottleneck rifle cartridges, the .30/30 & .30/40 Krag, were introduced about 1895, along with the production of the Winchester Models 1894 … Continue reading

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