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Sheriff Jim’s Outrageous Outlaw Oopses

Watching movies or TV, you might get the impression that all crooks are super crafty and exceptionally intelligent. The fact is that there are very few Einsteins in the criminal world. This is a fact that most of us old … Continue reading

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Seeing Your Front Sights: It’s Really Important

The tendency in a gunfight – especially if a person doesn’t have good training – is to shoot as fast as the attacker is. The problem is that misses accomplish nothing, and peripheral hits often don’t either. Once a fight has … Continue reading

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Staying Alert: The Key for Personal Defense

Maintaining one’s alertness involves monitoring not only what’s happening, but also any person or object that appears to be out of place. In personal-defense classes, we talk to the students about awareness. Some instructors love to use the term “keep … Continue reading

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What Does the 21-Foot Rule Really Mean?

Above: A popular drill in defensive-training classes is to have instructors run perpendicular to the shooter in a measured space of 21′. The goal is for the shooter on the line to draw and engage a paper target before the … Continue reading

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