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Avoidance: The Best Strategy for the Armed Citizen

When we think of avoidance, we are often focused on not going to bad places, or keeping our eye out for folks that look like trouble, or generally identifying bad situations while there is still time to make an exit. … Continue reading

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Purpose-Built Defensive Ammo: Find It and Use It

I have to confess that, somewhere along the line, I became an ammo snob. Now this wasn’t something that I had done intentionally; it just happened. While there is some really good defensive ammunition out there built for all kinds … Continue reading

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Head vs. Holster: The Importance of a Solid Self-Defense Mindset

I saw a statement on social media to the effect of “personal defense begins in your head, not your holster,” and wish I could remember whom to credit for this piece of wisdom. I wish I had thought it up … Continue reading

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The Fight or Flight Syndrome: Deal With It

Yes, he’s still out there: Sheriff Jim is on safari somewhere south of N’djamena and north of Johannesburg. He’ll be back in the Lower 48 sometime ’round the end of the month. In the meantime we bring you some of … Continue reading

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