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Sour Grapes?

To my knowledge, I have never met Nick Leghorn. He writes a blog that I am not going to refer you to because it doesn’t deserve you wasting your time. Most recently, he wrote about the Remington R51 pistol or, … Continue reading

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Why I Like Shotguns

Richard Mann and I have this little running feud going. You see, he can’t stand shotguns and I wouldn’t keep house without one. Of course, I’m talking about fighting shotguns. Both of us are ex-lawmen and I guess we’ve just … Continue reading

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An American Classic

Making my living as a gun writer, it is my privilege to hunt with a broad assortment of rifles. I’ve taken game with just about every sort of rifle that is manufactured, including those nasty “black” rifles. However, when left … Continue reading

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Classic Cartridges: The .30/06 Springfield

The .30/06 Springfield is one of the greatest cartridges ever developed in America. Like many of our great cartridges, the .30/06 began life as a military round. Following the Spanish American War, the Army was re-evaluating its weaponry and spent … Continue reading

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