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Hearing and the Role it Plays in Awareness

During the time I was a county sheriff, an informant came to me with the news that a man wanted for murder was hanging out in our town. I checked it out with the reporting agency and then made plans … Continue reading

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Fight-or-Flight: Dealing With Body Reactions in Personal Defense

Any time that we are placed in fear of losing our lives or suffering serious injury, that computer that we call a brain kicks in and automatically performs certain physical functions. Some call it the fight-or-flight response, because our body … Continue reading

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The Fight or Flight Syndrome: Deal With It

Yes, he’s still out there: Sheriff Jim is on safari somewhere south of N’djamena and north of Johannesburg. He’ll be back in the Lower 48 sometime ’round the end of the month. In the meantime we bring you some of … Continue reading

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