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How Much Ammo Do You Really Need for Concealed Carry?

Once you have realized that you can’t predict when a criminal attack will occur and have begun to pack your concealed carry handgun all the time, it is important to address the issue of carrying extra ammunition. It is generally … Continue reading

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Critical Practice

Nearly all of us realize that we don’t practice anywhere near enough. We’ve got good intentions, but a lot of the stuff of our daily lives just gets in the way. So, when we do have time for practice, it … Continue reading

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The Gunsite Experience

Everyone who carries a defensive handgun needs professional training. You wouldn’t buy an airplane and expect to be able to fly it without training. Nor would the fact that you own a piano make you a great musician. We need … Continue reading

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The Modern Technique of the Pistol

Back in the 1970s Col. Jeff Cooper (1920-2006) realized that defensive handgun training was sadly lacking. Being a student of defensive firearms, Cooper began to experiment with shooting techniques and observe the techniques of others who had ‚Äúseen the elephant,” … Continue reading

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