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Frank Hamer’s Sweetwater Fight: Lessons Learned

Frank Hamer was not afraid to wade into trouble, but occasionally learned a hard lesson doing so. Such was the case at Sweetwater, TX. Texas Ranger Frank Hamer is best known for helping to end the careers of Clyde Barrow … Continue reading

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A Fine Old Pistol

The Colt Government Model that you see pictured is what I get for hanging around gun shows (I’ll swear, they are worse than beer joints!!!). What it is is a 1932 Government Model in .38 Super, complete with the proper … Continue reading

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Old Lucky

Texas Ranger captain Frank Hamer (1884-1955) was one of the best examples of the transition from horseback Rangers to Rangers of the modern era. As soon as his horseback days were over, Hamer chose to set aside his boots and … Continue reading

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