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Aiming for ‘Condition Yellow:’ A Lesson in Awareness

Annie Oakley Wilson, mistress of condition yellow. My little Dachshund has me pretty well trained. That little girl will come and stare at me until I understand that she needs to go outside. When I open the back door, she … Continue reading

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Soon to Be 9 Months Old

Up until now I have never been an advocate for a specific dog breed. And, while I know that there are a lot of good breeds and plain old mutts out there, I have to toot the horn a little … Continue reading

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Fessin’ Up

Okay, I know I haven’t been as faithful about posting new articles as I should be. And it is time you meet the reason for my tardiness. Her name is Annie Oakley Wilson and she is a mini Dachshund, about … Continue reading

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