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The Stuff That Goes With It

When we are getting ready for a hunt, we spend a lot of time and thought on the right firearm, optics, and ammunition. And, while all of that is important, it is not the end of the search for stuff … Continue reading

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Premium Performance

There is an old southern saying that “the proof is in the puddin’.” And nowhere is that truer than when you are talking about premium bullets for heavy, dangerous game. Let’s face it, on heavy stuff like buffalo, your inexpensive … Continue reading

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You’ve Got to See It Before You Can Hit It

When I was a kid, deer hunting in the Texas Hill Country, just about all of us used some sort of iron sights on our rifles. I can remember the first one of our friends that showed up with a … Continue reading

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Keep It Simple

We often think of the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) as applying to personal defense. Obviously, it has a far wider ranging effect than that. It is really good advice concerning most things in our life. But I assure … Continue reading

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