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Too Good to Die

The .38 Super cartridge was introduced in 1928. It was simply the .38 ACP cartridge with hotter powder, giving almost 1300fps with a 130gr bullet. Colt made the move when they realized that their 1911 pistol could withstand higher pressures … Continue reading

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A Single-Action Classic

One of my favorite handguns of all time is the original Ruger Blackhawk, in .44 Magnum. This is the Ruger single action that has come to be called the .44 Flat Top. This is a tough, accurate revolver with a … Continue reading

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The Cadillac of Snub-Nosed Revolvers

One of my favorite handguns started life as the Smith & Wesson Combat Magnum. Back in the 50’s, Bill Jordan was approached by the wheels at Smith & Wesson and asked to give his thoughts on the perfect revolver for … Continue reading

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Handgun Hunting

I started handgun hunting many years ago. As a young policeman I figured that handgun hunting would be a good way to improve my skills with the S&W Model 19 that I carried every day on duty. I had no … Continue reading

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