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The Handy Carbine

There is no question that your chances of surviving a violent criminal attack increase greatly when you can get your hands on a long gun. As I have previously addressed the┬ádefensive shotgun, let’s take a look at the handy defensive … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days?

This time of year gets sort of boring for hunting folks. Short of the spring turkey season, there isn’t a lot of hunting going on. And it’s a little early to start getting rifle, ammo, and gear, in shape for … Continue reading

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The Winchester Model 1894: A Classic American Rifle

The Winchester Model 1894 was designed by John M. Browning and introduced by Winchester in 1894. Originally, it came out in .32/40 and .38/55, two black-powder cartridges. But, in 1895, it was also chambered for the .30 WCF (what we … Continue reading

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