The El Presidente Drill

jim-wilson-colt-1911Although the “El Presidente” shooting drill was devised some years ago, it is still an excellent way for the defensive shooter to test his or her skills and, hopefully, document improvement in his training and practice. It requires three targets, 12 rounds of ammunition and a timing device. Continue reading

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Know Your Defensive Handgun

Semi-Auto Hand Gun with Bayonet Attached Sheriff Jim Wilson

Lose the bayonet, perhaps?

Recently, an acquaintance of mine took his polymer defense gun out of its holster to show to a friend and discovered that the pistol’s front sight had fallen off. The sight wasn’t in the holster, his pocket or anywhere else, and he didn’t have a clue when it might have happened. They never found it. All of this tells me a few things; one is that my friend had not been regularly inspecting his personal defense gun and, two, that he didn’t know very much about his personal defense gun. Continue reading

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Why You Need a Personal Defense Plan

Consider, if you will, these two very different home invasions.

A woman is home alone when a strange man enters her house. She immediately runs to the bedroom and retrieves her shotgun. At this point, she positions herself strategically, using the door frame and wall for cover and looking down the hallway through which the intruder must travel to get to her. In addition, a strategically placed hall mirror allows her to keep tabs on most of the suspect’s movements. Continue reading

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Bison Hunt & Game Management

A lot of folks don’t really understand the difference in a management hunt and a cull hunt. In fact, they often use the terms interchangeably. In a cull hunt, when you need to take 10 animals out of the herd, you shoot the first 10 critters that you find. In a management hunt, the animals are carefully selected in order to take old critters that might not make it through the next winter and those that just don’t measure up as representative of the species. Obviously, the management-hunt approach is far more effective in maintaining a trophy herd of animals. Continue reading

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