No Safe Spaces: Personal Defense Skills and Why We Need Them

All you need to do is check the evening news to realize that there is no safe place. It’s somewhat naive to assume that bad things can’t happen in any city, town, village, or rural setting. Neither is it reasonable to decide to be a hermit and hide out until things get better—because there is no guarantee they will. The smart move is to be informed, be prepared, and learn to deal with it.

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Assessment and Awareness in Self Defense

It was a force-on-force class using Simunitions. The two student partners were walking down a path and, as they rounded the bend, saw an attractive, young woman lying crumpled on the ground by the path. One of the men, who happened to be an EMT in real life, rushed to her side and knelt down. Just then, a bad guy came busting out of the brush on the other side of the path, and the shooting started. Fortunately, the two partners made quick work of him. As they were smiling at each other, pleased with their shooting prowess, the “injured” girl rolled over and ran a rubber knife across the student’s throat.

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Real-World Defensive Shooting Stances

Real-World Defensive Shooting Stances Sheriff Jim Wilson

Recently, I was looking at some vintage photos of FBI agent Jelly Bryce (read about his story here). Bryce was an Oklahoma gunfighter who joined the FBI in the 1930s. He was quite fast with a sixgun and always employed a deep crouch as part of his fast-draw technique. Bryce was also responsible for making that deep crouch a part of the FBI training regimen. More than 30 years later, when I first pinned on a badge, the bureau was still teaching the deep crouch as a part of its close-range gunfighting technique.

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Dry Practice Drills for Homebound Shooters

Marksmanship practice is essential if you want to be a successful handgun hunter.

Well, we’re urged to stay home while this COVID-19 crud runs its course. We should specifically stay away from groups of people, and many businesses are shutting down until the worst is over. What this means to defensive shooters is that your trips to the shooting range may be temporarily curtailed. I suppose that one could sit and wring his hands, or he could get busy and set up some regular dry practice right there in the home.

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