House Concerts

Have you ever been to a house concert? Have you ever thought about hosting one? House concerts can be a lot of fun and provide some really unique entertainment for you and your friends. Many performers will book a performance in some distant city and make up their expenses by playing house concerts going and coming from that event. Continue reading

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How Much Ammo Do You Really Need for Concealed Carry?

Once you have realized that you can’t predict when a criminal attack will occur and have begun to pack your concealed carry handgun all the time, it is important to address the issue of carrying extra ammunition. It is generally recommended you carry at least one reload with you. The operative phrase in that sentence is “at least.” In addition to providing spare ammo, carrying extra magazines gives a backup option in case of equipment-related malfunction. Continue reading

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A Review of Jim Wilson’s “White Rose” by Nancy Eliott

white-rose-leather-sheriff-jim-wilson-albumIt has been five or six years since Jim Wilson gave us a new album. The anticipation created by such a wait has been well met by the arrival of “White Rose.” Continue reading

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Jim Wilson New Album Breaking Soon

Jim Wilson’s new album White Rose will be shipping August 1st.



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