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Defensive Shotguns Part II

In the market for your first defensive shotgun? Here are some shortcuts that will save you time, money, and grief.

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Why I Like Shotguns

Richard Mann and I have this little running feud going. You see, he can’t stand shotguns and I wouldn’t keep house without one. Of course, I’m talking about fighting shotguns. Both of us are ex-lawmen and I guess we’ve just … Continue reading

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Bustin’ Pheasants

Ken Jorgensen and I made a wide swing out across the prairie and came in on a high bank above a dry creek bed. Below us, in the creek bottom, was a pretty good sized corn field. As we hid … Continue reading

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Return of the Red Label

I’ve just spent several days hunting the wild pheasant of North Dakota with the Ruger Red Label shotgun. In the past two years, since 2011, Ruger has spent quite a bit of time revising their manufacturing techniques for this fine … Continue reading

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