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Great Ammo!

A while back, my friend and colleague Dick Williams got a group of gun writers together at Gunsite for the .45 SHOOT. We spent three days shooting .45 caliber guns from Colt, Ruger, and Smith & Wesson. As you can … Continue reading

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Colt’s New Frontiers Are Back

I have been a Skeeter Skelton fan ever since he started writing gun articles. I can remember, many years ago, reading an article that he did on the .44 Special cartridge. I had never owned a .44 Special but that … Continue reading

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Hands-Free Trigger From Timney

Our shooting sports family has always been more than willing to include anyone and everyone who is interested in our sport. And this has always included those who are physically challenged in one way or another. This has become especially … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Last Peace Officer

The Last Peace Officer renders a cutting-edge, authentic look at the players in, and the nature of, the drug war on both sides of the Rio Grande. No one can understand the region by just listening to voices from the … Continue reading

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