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Disciplining Your Trigger Finger

One of the very first really tactical holsters was designed in the early 1900s by S.D. Myres Saddle Company and named after Tom Threepersons, the El Paso gunfighter. The Threepersons holster was designed to securely hold the revolver with a … Continue reading

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Rabies: What You Need to Know

The season has warmed up, summer is upon us, and the opportunity for camping trips, picnics, and vacations. These may bring people in contact with the outdoors… and wild animals. While one should always keep in mind that this isn’t … Continue reading

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Seeing Your Front Sights: It’s Really Important

The tendency in a gunfight – especially if a person doesn’t have good training – is to shoot as fast as the attacker is. The problem is that misses accomplish nothing, and peripheral hits often don’t either. Once a fight has … Continue reading

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Your Vehicle and Self Defense

I have heard some folks comment that if they were surrounded by a crowd of rioters, they would just step on the gas and drive right on through them, running over rioters if necessary, in order to make their getaway. … Continue reading

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