Colt New Frontier

Some years ago, I received this Colt New Frontier as a gift from some friends who were handling PR work for Colt Firearms. It is chambered for the .45 Colt cartridge and the action was tuned by the Colt Custom Shop. It quickly became one of my favorite single actions because it shot so well, especially when loaded with the 255 gr semi-wadcutter load from DoubleTap Ammunition. 

About the only complaint I ever had with it was the stocks that came on it from the factory. I don’t have a clue why Colt ever wanted to send a nice New Frontier out the door with those sorry wood stocks that they used. They always looked to me like a cheap grade of pine. But, as things go, I never got around to doing anything about this eyesore on an otherwise nice revolver.

Just as an afterthought, I mentioned it would
be nice to have a better set of stocks
on the gun.

However, not long ago, I noticed that this particular Colt had developed a timing problem. So I did what any right-thinking single-action owner would do. I shipped the gun off to Tyler Gun Works in Friona, Texas. I knew that Bobby Tyler could get the gun back in first-class working order. And, just as an afterthought, I mentioned it would be nice to have a better set of stocks on the gun. That’s when Bobby mentioned he had some ram horn in stock.
I told him to get ’er done!

 As you can see, he did, in fact, get ‘er done. Not only are the new stocks quite attractive, but they fit the gun and my hand perfectly. This Colt New Frontier is back to doing duty, on my hip, during our regular horseback jaunts into the mountains. Tyler Gun Works – check ’em out – they do classy work!

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