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The Western Expansion—where people came from, the hardships they endured—is a tale of courage that shaped the fabric of the West. The Scottish Drovers were an important part of the saga. Forced by dire economic conditions to leave their homeland, some came West. There they combined their knowledge of cattle with cowboy skills learned on the trail and so became Cowboys.

Their impact is felt 140 years later as techniques and traditions they put into practice live on in the ranches of the West. In the summer of 2019, The Cowboy Way Trio (above, L to R Mariam Funke, Doug Figgs, and Jim Jones) will embark on a musical tour of Scotland. During that time, we will begin the production of a documentary entitled “It’s a Cowboy I Will Be” that tells the inspirational story of the Scottish drovers—Scottish “cow-boys”—who immigrated to the United States in the 1800s to become cowboys. Their saga embodies the American Dream.

Once we return home, we will film the second part of the narrative: the story of the Scottish drovers as they transformed into cowboys in the frontier of Western United States. We will focus on their role in the development of some of the great ranches throughout the West and identify ways in which their influence lives on in modern times. 

We are seeking sponsorships to help finance this project and have launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. See how you can sponsor our production here.  

We appreciate your support!

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