Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun

mossberg-930-pro-series-12-gauge-sheriff-jim-wilsonFolks, Mossberg has come out with another dandy shotgun, the Mossberg 930 Sporting 12 gauge. They collaborated with famed shotgunning instructor Gil Ash to design a shotgun that is at home on the sporting clays course as well as in the hunting field.

The stock is a semi-gloss-finished walnut stock that Ash designed to fit the majority of shooters. It uses Mossberg’s Stock Drop System that utilizes drop-at-comb adjustment shims. In addition, the forend has been given a more slim contour and laser stipling for a more positive grip.

The gun has boron nitrite coatings on the gas piston, piston, ring, magazine tube, hammer, sear, return spring plunger, and return spring tube for enhanced corrosion resistance and to make for easier cleaning. The shell stop, bolt slide, and elevator have had additional finishing that reduces friction on internal parts and gives the shooter faster follow-up shots. This 12 gauge comes with a 28-inch vent rib, ported barrel, and extended Briley choke tubes.

Recently, we had a chance to do some pheasant hunting with the Mossberg 930 Sporting shotgun at ScatterGun Lodge, near Pierre, South Dakota. In three days, we saw a lot of birds and put a good deal of shot in the air. The gun that I was using functioned flawlessly. Frankly, I am not a big autoloader fan but I have to say that this gun shot where I looked. And it has one of the nicest triggers that I have ever encountered on an out-of-the-box shotgun. Being a left-handed shooter, I also appreciated the fact that the safety is on the tang and is as readily available to a lefty as it is to those other folks.

I don’t have the exact prices, but I suspect the gun has an MSRP of just under $1,000. You can expect to find them on the street in the neighborhood of $800.

I really like to test a shotgun on live birds in the field. And I have to say that the Mossberg 930 Sporting Shotgun passed that test with flying colors.

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