Those Handy Carbines

Photo: Jan Hrdonka

The idea of a short, handy carbine has always been appealing to me. When I was a badge toter in two different Texas counties I generally relied upon a lever-action carbine in .44 Mag. I used both the Marlin Model 1894 and the Browning Model 92, both with receiver sights and the barrels cut to 16 inches. Even cut down, these lever guns still held 9 rounds of ammunition and were quite handy.

Another carbine that I have always liked is the Ruger Mini-14. While it has always had a good reputation for reliability, some have felt that the Ruger was not as accurate as it should have been. That always seemed odd to me because the ones that I owned and shot were certainly comparable, accuracy-wise, to the Model 94 Winchester and the .30 M1 Carbine. None of those three would win Honorable Mention at Camp Perry but they have won an awfully lot of gunfights.

Regardless, a while back Ruger made some changes in their Mini-14 machinery and even did some redesign work on the carbine. My understanding is that they tightened some of the tolerances and began using a slightly different barrel design.

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4 Responses to Those Handy Carbines

  1. Robert Evans says:

    What about the old ramped Mini-14 front sights? Did they have the ears? (I always liked the look of the old ramped sight as opposed to the eared sight, myself)

  2. Cameron Ammerman says:

    Always been partial to the M1 Carbine myself. Thought it would be a perfect policeman’s patrol rifle. Unfortunately they are drying up in the market at least at common man prices. May have to look in to the the Ruger Mini 14 in the future.

  3. Lee Scott says:

    Put a scout mount and scope on my mini 14. Could be a red dot if you wanted. Great set up in my humble opinion. Thanks Colonel Cooper.

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