Old Hunters, New Tricks

Sheriff Jim Wilson Old Hunters, New Tricks Buck Alpha Crosslock
I was down at deer camp a few weeks ago with my friend Shane Jahn and his daughter, Katy. Katy had whacked a nice 10-point whitetail buck and Shane was going to dress it out for her. What was interesting was the knife that he pulled out to do the surgery with.

It’s a Buck Alpha Crosslock. It has a very well-shaped hunting blade, some 3-inches in length, that locks. But the knife also has a 3-inch sawblade that is just perfect for opening the pelvic girdle and ripping the sternum. The grip panels are synthetic and have numerous slots in them to cut down on the weight and to also make washing up an easier chore. In addition, the overall package is about ¾ of an inch thick. Handy, lightweight, and easy to use, that’s the Buck Alpha Crosslock.

As soon as I got home, where I could get Internet service, I had my own ordered and on the way. It’s a dandy knife/saw in every way and you can shave with the knife right out of the box. You can also cut yourself very easily (it’s absolutely none of your business how I happen to know that last little tidbit).

So I have pulled that heavy, cumbersome, folding saw out of my day pack and put it on the shelf. With this new Buck Alpha Crosslock, I just don’t need that old-fashioned gizmo anymore.

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