fort-richmond safaris-ph-leon-duplessis-winner-moore-maker-kim-jim-wilson-linda-powell
Fort Richmond Safaris PH Leon DuPlessis, the winner of our Professional Hunter contest, being presented his Moore Maker knife by the winning team… Jim Wilson & Linda Powell.

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  1. Larry Venable says:

    Mr. Moore was also an educator.
    He was a highly respected (and feared)
    Principle and I believe Superintendent
    in the Matador area. I supervised a lady that
    knew him well. She grew up in the thriving
    metropolitan area of Paducha, just west of Matador.
    Her mother taught school for years under Mr. Moore,
    and thought the world of him.

    His great knives are just part of what this
    Gentleman was, and is.

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