The Cinco Peso Badge

The Cinco Peso badge is the badge most closely associated with the Texas Rangers.However, it has a rather unique history that is more closely associated with border lawmen in general.

Back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, there weren’t many, if any, companies making badges for lawmen. For this reason, a lot of the old-timers began to have their badges made out of coins and crafted by local jewelers. Of course, defacing a piece of American money was against the law, so the border peace officers began to use Mexican coins, specifically the 5 peso (cinco peso) coin that had a high content of pure silver.

Texas Rangers, working the border, saw these coin/badges and liked them. It became a status symbol for those Rangers who actually served time along the Rio Grande and considered themselves superior to other Rangers who worked the interior of the state. In the early 1960’s, after Capt. Hardy B. Purvis passed away, his widow and son (Texas Ranger H.L. Purvis) acquired enough cinco peso coins to have badges made for all of the Rangers that were currently serving. In 1962, this became the official Texas Ranger badge.

Today, you will still see the Cinco Peso badge on the left breast of many Texas peace officers, especially those who serve along the river.

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9 Responses to The Cinco Peso Badge

  1. Cameron says:

    Just ordered mine today. Thanks for the interesting history Sheriff. Now I will have not only a piece of art but also something to pass down to my boy.

  2. lenny says:

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  3. Edwin Slaterq says:

    Worked with retired Ranger Purvis when he worked for Kerr County S.O. and when he was an investigator/security for the Shriner Bank (think it was the Shriner bank) in Kerrville. If you do some checking believe you will discover he is L.H. Purvis, not H. L.

  4. Bobbi Mills says:

    I am looking to have a badge made from a peso. This is a retirement give. It would be round with the Texas image in the middle. Top would say ARANSAS bottom COUNTY. On the Texas the name Queen Shirley. Is this something you can do and how much. Or maybe we can make it a pendant.

    My husband is Sheriff Bill Mills Aransas County, Texas
    Thanks I can send pic of my husbands badge


    I am attempting to find a badge as a retired peace officer using silver peso. My carrear began in 1974 and am now finishing up as of this year. I would like the badge to read retired texas peace officer with the dates 1974 – 2019 in the star. I xaan provide any documentation required.

    Robert Allwardt

    • Hello Robert,We manufacture the Texas Rangers badges and would be happy to talk to you about making you a retirement badge out of a cinco peso coin.You can reach me at 817 877-0513 ext 305 We are located in Fort Worth.

      Melissa Brandt

  6. DAVID PARR says:

    I am looking for a genuine Mexican Cinco Peso Coin Badge, and rough idea of what I would like to read on the badge. Top: Sgt-Inv David E. Parr. Bottom: Texas Master Peace Officer – Retired. On star: SERGEANT

  7. George wilson says:

    I understood Ranger badges made from Mexican Dies Pesos…solid silver..gorgeous…had several such coins but hard to come by…believe stamped 28.8888 grams silver as i recall…been over 35 years …memory fades at 73…

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