Open Letter to the Board of Directors at Colt Firearms

Colt Series 70 Sheriff Jim Wilson An Open Letter to the Board of Directors of Colt FirearmsCongratulations! The firearms, ammunition, and related industries, have been experiencing unbelievable sales for the past several years. And Colt Firearms is on the brink of bankruptcy. You should be ashamed that you are responsible for letting this American icon go down the toilet. Your recent history seems to be a magnificent example of mismanagement.

Consider this: numerous companies build better AR’s than you do. Numerous companies build better 1911‘s than you do. And, not to sound like a broken record, but numerous companies build better single actions than you do. You claim that Colt is a leader and icon in our industry, yet, for the most part, you build inferior products and can’t even get those out to the retail outlets in any quantity.

When something is this broken, one need only look to the top for an explanation. I don’t know your CEO so this is not intended to be a personal attack. But, put very simply, your CEO needs to take a hike… retire… go fishing… but never darken the door of Colt again.

Instead, Colt badly needs a CEO who has a fire in his belly. One who knows how to lead people. One who knows how—and wants to—build quality guns. One who is committed to promoting the brand. In short, you need to find yourselves another Mike Fifer.

Since I am sure that most of you don’t have a clue who Mike Fifer is, your homework for tonight is to find out who Mike Fifer is and what he has done for the company that he represents.

There is still time… get serious!

Jim Wilson,
A life-long Colt fan

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