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nighthawk-custom-38-super-commander-LOI have only owned the pistol that you are looking at for a little over 10 days and it has already become a favorite in my stable of 1911’s. It’s a .38 Super Commander, built to my specifications by Nighthawk Custom. Richard Mann and I spent several days at Gunsite with Mark Stone and Shawn Armstrong, both of Nighthawk, and I tried every way that I could to make this gun malfunction. It didn’t happen. And the accuracy was top shelf.

Nighthawk Custom is located in Berryville, Arkansas, and is owned by Mark Stone. In the beginning, Mark had three partners who had previously worked for Wilson Combat. However, those three partners are no longer partners and no longer with the company. Without going into detail, Nighthawk Custom has gone through some trying times in recent years. However, those days are now past and you can expect to see NHC, under Stone’s leadership, going great guns… and, by the way, building great guns.

Too many people do not understand what constitutes a custom 1911. Too many think that it has to do with how many gadgets and gizmos are hung on the gun. One-piece guide rods, accessory rails, and fancy grips & finish, do not make a truly custom 1911. What makes a custom 1911 is the quality of the parts that are used and the fit & finish of the gun. That is the heart of a 1911 pistol and other stuff may be added as needed. Fortunately, the guys at Nighthawk Custom understand this and are continually striving to build a better pistol and serve their customers efficiently.

The .38 Super is a defensive cartridge that is usually overlooked these days. It shoots the same size bullets as the 9mm and drives them to greater velocities. For years, the .38 Super got a bad rap regarding accuracy because the barrels were improperly headspaced. Irv Stone fixed that when he introduced his Bar-Sto barrels some years ago. When headspaced on the case mouth, as all other auto cartridges are, it will hold its own with anyone.

We are welcoming Nighthawk Custom as a sponsor of my web site. And I invite you to visit their web site, check out their guns, and take a look at them at your local gun store. I’m telling ya….these Arkansas hillbillies know how to build good guns!

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