Defensive Shotguns Part II

Defensive Shotguns Part II Sheriff Jim Wilson
In the market for your first defensive shotgun? Here are some shortcuts that will save you time, money, and grief.

BUY USED… It is really hard to wear out a good shotgun, therefore used guns make a lot of sense and will save you money. It also doesn’t matter that your gun does not have a cool-looking, black synthetic stock. I know this is difficult to believe, but the wooden stocks work just fine ( I guess you could paint them black if it’s really that important). I recently bought a used Remington 870 pump for $250…compare that to the price tag on other defensive firearms.

AVOID COLLAPSABLE STOCKS & PISTOL GRIP STOCKS… Collapsible stocks are uncomfortable, hard to hit with, and totally unnecessary. Pistol grip stocks look totally cool…..only trouble with them is that you can’t hit anything with them. Don’t agree with either comment? Bring your tacticool shotgun to the Gunsite shotgun class and show us how it’s done. Be ready to buy the beer when you can’t produce.

INSTALL GHOST-RING SIGHTS… With the money you saved by buying a used shotgun and avoiding the expense of goofy stocks, you can easily afford to have some ghost-ring sights installed. There are probably several brands on the market….you’ll go a long way before you find any that are better than those made by XS Sights. With good ghost-ring sights and a bit of training, you will be able to put shotgun slugs on target out to 100 yards and a bit beyond.

AVOID EXTENDED MAGAZINES TUBES… Extended magazine tubes are just something else that can malfunction at the least opportune moment. If 4-5 rounds of buckshot won’t get the job done, you need more training. If you are one of those who is positive that you will be attacked by a crazed biker gang and your honor insists that you stand and fight… I think you’d be happier with a BAR instead of a shotgun. Finally, shotguns are heavy enough without adding extra weight in the form of extended magazines and extra ammo. When it gets heavy, you won’t have it with you. And, when the fight starts and your shotgun is way over there, you are screwed… regardless of how cool you look and try to act.

INSTALL A CARRYING SLING…You’d be surprised how handy a sling on a defensive shotgun actually is. And you don’t need one of those Advanced Tactical Wrap Around Your Body rigs, either. You know, the kind that takes a search warrant to get into. A simple nylon strap sling works great. Even better, I use a sling made from bunji chord.

You will notice that I have tried to save you money by avoiding suggesting that you have to purchase fancy tactical stocks, a lighting system, bayonet lug, or rocket launcher. You might consider taking the money that you have saved, buy some ammo, and book a defensive shotgun class at Gunsite. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually use the thing effectively?

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