Return of the Red Label

Return of the Ruger Red Label Sheriff Jim Wilson
I’ve just spent several days hunting the wild pheasant of North Dakota with the Ruger Red Label shotgun. In the past two years, since 2011, Ruger has spent quite a bit of time revising their manufacturing techniques for this fine gun. Primarily, they redesigned the receiver from a two-piece unit, that has to be fitted together in final production, to a one-piece outfit with the same traditional good looks and function.

The shotgun that I used was a 20 gauge with 30-inch, vent rib barrels and Briley choke tubes. The stock dimensions are the same and they still come with the good looking walnut stocks. The good news for consumers is that, due to streamlined production methods, the new Red Label will be offered at a discount from the old model. Further good news is that this is the same solid, good shooting shotgun that Ruger has become famous for. I might also mention that the new Red Label is currently being shipped only in 12 gauge. However, the 20 gauge should follow very soon.

Too often, “new technology” means that a company has cheapened their product. After wringing out this new version of the Red Label, however, I can assure you that this is not the case with this shotgun. It is still a whole lot of gun for the money, just as it has always been.

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