Fessin’ Up

Sheriff Jim Wilson's New Mini Dachsund Annie Oakley Wilson
Okay, I know I haven’t been as faithful about posting new articles as I should be. And it is time you meet the reason for my tardiness. Her name is Annie Oakley Wilson and she is a mini Dachshund, about 4 months old. Annie came to live at my house on June 4th and has quickly turned into part of the family and quite a character.

Il Ling New has a mini Dachshund, Peabody, who is just a really special dog and has caused me to develop a high regard for the breed. When I got the chance to bring Annie home, I jumped at it. And, let me tell you, these Dachshunds are smart little critters. Annie already comes when her name is called and has learned to sit on command. As time goes by, she’ll be learning more basic obedience skills. And she might even get entered in some of those Dachshund races that they hold out in California. Quien sabe?

However, in gun news, I spent this past week at Gunsite working with Richard Mann. Richard, Marshal Halloway, and I, contracted with Mossberg, Trijicon, and Winchester Ammunition, to do a series of hunting rifle tips. As soon as Marshal, our camera guy & director, gets these videos edited, you will be able to see them on our various web sites and probably Facebook, as well.

Also, towards the end of September, Mr. Mann and I will be hunting with a new .308 rifle from Mossberg. Hunting moose and black bear in Newfoundland, that is. And, shortly thereafter, you’ll get a full report from us in magazine articles and on our web sites.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. And, now that Annie Oakley is becoming more acclimated to her new home, I’ll make every effort to be a bit more regular with articles.

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