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The #5101 Hunter from Moore Maker Knives is Just About Right Sheriff Jim Wilson
Most of you have figured out—by now—that my major addictions are guns and hunting. Well, you might as well know that one of my minor addictions is knives. I’ve carried a knife of some kind since I was a little kid and my father gave me my first one. Knives are the sort of thing that you never need until you need one, and then you need a good one.

The knife pictured above is my idea of just about the perfect hunting knife. It is the #5101 Drop Point Hunter from Moore Maker Knives, in Matador, Texas. The knife features a 3 1/2-inch blade, with just a slight drop point, and an overall length of 8 1/8-inches. The scales (stock panels) are of smooth yellow bone. And, though I don’t know the grade of steel it is not stainless, just highly polished. As you can see, the knife has just enough belly to the blade to make it useful for skinning, as well as cleaning game.

The horizontal belt scabbard is made by Big Bend Saddlery. Now, I suspect that this horizontal design was developed by cowboys. About the worst mess that can require a knife to get out of is when you are tangled up in your rope…with a cow on one end, a horse on the other, and you in the middle. When that happens, it will be pretty difficult to get a knife out of your hip pocket, or your leggings pocket. Carrying it horizontally on your belt makes the knife much handier and you can get to it with either hand. I find it is just as handy for the outdoorsman though, hopefully, he isn’t going to be roping cattle.

I’ve owned several Moore Maker knives and have gotten years of good use out of them. They are good quality at a reasonable price. And it’s getting harder and harder to find that combination nowadays. Besides that, a fellow can’t own too many good knives.

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