The .30/06: My Two Cents Worth

.30/06 My Two Cents Worth Sheriff Jim WilsonWell, the boys from the East Coast are at it again. Of course, I’m talking about Richard Mann and Bryce Towsley. Fresh from their superficial debate about the 9mm vs. .45, they are now pontificating magnificently about the .30/06.

Naturally, knowing both young men, it is clear to me that Towsley has been at the hard cider again. While Mann has spent too long worshiping at the throne of that double-rectified pop-skull stuff that they make way back in the hollers of West Virginia, properly served in a Mason jar.

Towsley seems to want to recommend the .30/06 for anything from Rocky Mountain field mice to Manitoba mastodons, pointing out that one is somewhat UN-American if he doesn’t hunt with one. Mann, on the other hand, is against the whole idea of the .30/06 because he had an uncle who used one and also happened to be a politician and a pervert (we say PREEVERT in Texas). Once again, it seems, I’m must step to the fore and set these boys straight.

The .30/06 is neither a sorry cartridge, nor is it a Death Ray.

Those who primarily hunt whitetail deer, wild turkey, and feral hogs, can do so with a whole raft of rifle cartridges, too numerous to list here. And they can do it without the buck and roar that is part and parcel of the venerable old ’06.

On the other hand, if elk, moose, and grizzly, are your choice, there are a number of cartridges, larger than .30 caliber, that will handle things in a much more significant manner. Lauding the virtues of your favorite cartridge is not high on the list when a grizzly is taking exception to your presence.

What it boils down to is that gun guys, who also happen to hunt, have a rifle caliber for virtually every occasion. Those are the guys that you see in the woods followed by a caddy carrying a golf bag full of various rifles.
On the other hand, the hunter who happens to like to hunt with a rifle, and would rather spend his money on hunting trips instead of buying a new caliber for every imagined occasion, will do quite well with the aging .30/06. It will be too much gun for whitetail deer and not quite enough for grizzly. But, by judicious application, it can get both jobs done and has on numerous occasions in the past. The bottom line, of course, is that it’s your day off, your hunting trip, and you should use what pleases you.

You can read Richard Mann and Bryce Towsley on their individual blogs and then, as you usually do, come here for the unvarnished truth. I apologize for taking your time with this but I occasionally have to take these two young whippersnappers in hand and straighten them out. They mean well but I just wish they would check with me, first, before acting like Stomped Idiots in public. Easing up on that Who-Hit-John would be a step in the right direction.

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75 Responses to The .30/06: My Two Cents Worth

  1. Dan says:

    Nothing bad to say about 30.06 great all around calibur. I have shot antelpe, deer, elk and moose never a problem. Never tried to shoot a griz. but I think i would rather have something much larger. Douglas, nothing wrong with a 270 either it’s all about shot placement. I have shot elk with a 243 too. If you are trying to put the shot thru a shoulder different story, but if you put the shot thru the heart or lungs or even head. No worries. For a while people were told a 338 the only thing for elk, they thought if you shot it in the hoof it would kill it, lol. Again it is all about shot placement. Sure I agree there are many caliburs that would do the job more efficiently but you can’t beat a .06 load it down 125 gr or up to 220 gr.

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  3. J.Moyer says:

    Keeping up with the three of you is such a hoot! Keep the pot stirred Sheriff! Good hunting and cheers from the Mason jar.

  4. Morris Dressler says:

    Absolutely agree with you (again).
    I think the 30.06 is the most versatile cartridge in the world. Not the perfect for every situation, but versatile as hell.
    I think my remember reading as a child that Jack O’Connor’s wife killed at least two African Elephants with one (close range, solid bullets and careful (and accurate) brain shots. (Not something I would try!)
    (Side note, I am a huge fan of 1911’s also)

  5. John Block says:

    As the late Col. Cooper once said, (and was lookin’ for a song-writer to do sumthin’ with),
    ” There ain’t many problems a man can’t fix, with $700 Dollars and a 30.06!”

  6. Claimbuster says:

    This argument has been going since some time shortly after the Chinese invented gun powder. Much like rectums, everyone has an opinion.

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