The Liberty Cross

The Liberty Cross Holster from Crossbreed Holsters Sheriff Jim WilsonSome time back, the late Mark Craighead, founder of Crossbreed Holsters, contacted me with the idea of designing a concealment holster for the Colt Single Action Army. Together with Jason Winnie (Leather Designs by Jason Winnie), we came up with this variation of Bruce Nelson’s old Liberty holster. The plan was to produce a limited edition holster that would be available through Crossbreed Holsters. Following Mark’s untimely death, we decided to follow through with this project that he was so excited about.

Called “The Liberty Cross,” this rig rides high on the pants belt, with the back loop helping to tuck the gun butt into the body for further concealment. The mouth of the holster is reinforced with an additional band of leather to help keep it open for ease in reholstering. Each holster is carefully molded to the single-action frame for a perfect fit and crafted from the finest leather. Jason, Don Hume’s grandson, has done a beautiful job of building the holster for a perfect fit to the sixgun.

As per Mark’s original idea, this edition is limited to 100 holsters and I have personally numbered and signed each one. They are available in right-hand only and built to fit the 4 3/4” Colt Single Action and its clones. It may also fit the small-frame New Model Ruger Vaquero, though I haven’t personally tried one. The Liberty Cross holster is available through Crossbreed Holsters and is on a first come, first serve, basis.

This holster project honors the memory of Mark Craighead. It was my great pleasure to work with Jason Winnie, Trent Cooper, and the Craighead family, to bring this concealment rig to the many folks who choose to carry a single-action for concealment and defense.

You can get your Liberty Cross holster by contacting Crossbreed Holsters and placing your order. Better hurry, though, as there are only 100 available. Oh, and you’ll have to get your own six-shooter to carry in this good rig.

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