Tiger McKee & The Book of Two Guns

The Book of Two Guns by Tiger McKee Sheriff Jim WilsonOnce in a while you come across a real gem in the field of defensive training. In this case I have found two, instructor Tiger McKee and his book, The Book of Two Guns.

Tiger has studied under the masters of defensive training, has taught under Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch, and has developed his own effective style of training. The Book of Two Guns is supposed to deal with the defensive uses of the 1911 pistol and the AR carbine. While it does that effectively, it is chock full of good solid advice and techniques that will serve well, regardless of the weapons of choice.

McKee is not enamored with gadgets and gizmos. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of learning to shoot, the need for a personal defensive plan, and the physical and mental conditioning needed to be a winner in a gunfight.

Defensive training should not be about the instructor. Sadly, we have a few who adhere to the bogus philosophy that “I am something that you can never be… and ain’t I cool?” This approach does little, if anything, for the student’s ability to learn. Defensive training must always be about the student. How can I help him to learn? How can I help him to grasp the skills that are needed to be an effective defensive warrior?

You will find The Book of Two Guns to be based upon solid defensive techniques. In addition, McKee’s writing style is interesting and entertaining, while still shining the spotlight on the student and the skills he needs to acquire.

You can learn more about Tiger McKee at www.shootrite.org. And you can also order your copy of The Book of Two Guns for just $24.95. McKee’s book is also available through Amazon. I’ve got my copy and you need to order yours!

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