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DoubleTap Ammunition Sponsors of SheriffJImWilson.comWe are pleased to welcome DoubleTap Ammunition as the newest sponsor of this web site. In just a short time, DoubleTap has made a name for itself in the business of crafting quality ammunition for the shooter and hunter. The company, headed by Mike McNett, is located in Cedar City, Utah.

DoubleTap offers numerous loadings in all the popular calibers, with cast-bullet loads for many. In addition to that, DoubleTap also manufactures ammunition in some of the hard-to-get calibers, such as 9×25 Dillon, .50 Action Express, .40 Super, 7.62x54R, 404 Jeffery, 505 Gibbs, and many others. To visit their web site, just click on their logo on the left side of this page and check ’em out.

I particularly like their .44 Special load that features a 250 gr hard-cast bullet running about 975fps. They’ve also got a 240 gr hard-cast load for the .44 Magnum with a velocity of over 1400fps. The ammo is plenty accurate, too.

If you are enjoying the stories and articles on this web site, please visit the sponsors’ web sites or, better yet, drop them a line and let them know about it. In the meantime, we’ll keep spinning yarns and telling stories.

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