If You Can Shoot

Back in the 1970s, you may recall, folks got all hot and bothered about the fear that the government was going to start confiscating privately-owned firearms. Quite a few people were buying AR’s, FN-FAL’s, M1 Carbines, and all sorts of fast shooting rifles (Not many AK-47’s, though. Americans hadn’t really discovered them yet). There was a lot of information going around about how to pack the guns in grease, make protective containers out of PVC pipe, and bury them in your back yard. Gun and ammo sales were up.

Along about this time, I was at a gathering of gun folks along with my friend Bill Jordan, Border Patrol gunfighter and exhibition shooter. We were all sitting around in the evening, talking guns and discussing the advantages of clear booze over dark booze. Bill and I always came down in favor of clear booze as all truly cultured gentlemen will do and for the obvious reasons.

Anyway, one of the guys was going on about all the guns he’s buried in his back yard, along with something like two dump truck loads of ammunition. Finally, kinda running out of subject matter, he turned around to Bill and asked, “Mr. Jordan, what battle rifle would you stash away?”

Bill took another sip of his vodka tonic and said, “I’d put away a Smith & Wesson Model 19 and a box of cartridges.” Bill being from Louisiana, it came out sounding like “Kat-i-ges.”

Our local gun expert realized that Bill was a little hard of hearing, so he said, “No, Mr. Jordan, I meant what kind of AR would you want to have hidden away.”

Bill smiled, finished the vodka tonic, and said, “Sonny, I heard you the first time. And my answer is a Smith & Wesson Model 19 and a box of cartridges. If serious trouble starts and you can shoot at all, you can get whatever kind of little machine gun you’d want to carry. You could even get a little Jeep to drive and maybe even a nice looking uniform to wear… if you can shoot!”

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  2. facebook_george.kelley1 says:

    The strategy works. It’s why the US gov’t dropped thousands of “liberty pistols” all over occupied Europe.

    • PanzerAssault says:

      The liberty pisto;s were dropped so they could kill a person with a superior weapon and take them, like semiautomatic rifles, carbines and other superior weapons!

  3. LarryC213 says:

    Excellent reminder. Thank you.

  4. So there you have got it: That is how a bunch of people whose ancestors struggled to survive in barely liveable frozen wastelands came to conquer the
    cellular app world.

  5. Perry Dace says:

    Philistine! Whisky is the drink of gentlemen

  6. Jim McMahon says:

    I remember those days. All manner of reloading supplies sealed and stored, paper maps for navigating after the EMP event, etc. I was asked basically the same question, but my answer was slightly different. I told the questioner that since he had not only told me what he was hoarding, but WHERE, I would drop by his place and shoot him in the head with a Charter arms 22 when he answered the door, and take all HIS gear…he was totally at a loss for words…

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  8. George Pena says:

    Now I remember where I buried that stuff.

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  11. Robert Otto says:

    I have gone back to the Det Spl.

  12. Thiccbravo says:

    Le fudd

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