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More Tactards for the Sheriff Jim Wilson BlogA while back, Richard Mann coined the term TacTard to describe an individual who is tactically misguided. Richard claims he stole the term from someone else, but I choose to give him credit for it and, since this is my blog, that’s the way it is. Lately, not resting on his laurels—or his backside,—Mann has come up with another important tactical term, TacRon,which describes a TacTard who actually takes all of this seriously (A Tactical Moron).

Your response to our You might be a TacTard if…. post was so overwhelming that we decided it was time to post another. This time, we’ve had contributions from readers and I’ve given them credit when I can remember who they are. So sit back and, while you are sharpening your bayonet or loading ammo into your machine gun belt, enjoy another installment of:

You may be a TacTard if…

  1. You use your pistol laser to tease your dog. (Batty – Twitter)
  2. When someone says Bill Jordan you think of camouflage.
  3. The only man to ever cause you physical pain was the guy who gave you that silly tattoo.
  4. Your dresser drawer is full of camo underwear.
  5. You own more than one pair of fingerless gloves (Jim Rusert)
  6. The gear on your rifle costs more than the rifle did. (Heartland Patriot – Twitter)
  7. You consider a “bump in the night” a good thing.
  8. You use your pistol-mounted light to see what your buddy is doing.
  9. Everyone at the local range avoids you.
  10. Tucking in your family at night is considered lockdown.

Finally, Spencer Bennett asks the burning question, “If the TacTard is a woman, shouldn’t she properly be called a TacTart?”

Please remember: you don’t have to look tactical to be tactical.

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