If you own this thing, you're definitely a tactard! Sheriff Jim Wilson blog.

You might be a TacTard if…

  1. That 7 pound AR you bought now weighs 10 ½ pounds due to all the gizmos and gadgets you’ve stuck on it.
  2. When getting ready for a date you can’t decide which pair of tactical pants to wear.
  3. You own a bayonet for your pistol.
  4. For Christmas this year you gave every member of your family their own personal bug-out bag.
  5. You’ve never shot a gun when you weren’t wearing tactical gloves.
  6. You never use that clip-on knife in your pocket because you don’t know how to sharpen it.
  7. You spend more money on guns & gear than you do on training and practice.
  8. Your idea of firearms training is watching Rob Pincus talk about guns on TV.
  9. The last actual violence that you witnessed was when you back-talked your mother. You ate the spinach anyway.
  10. Your wife constantly tells her friends and family, “He’s really harmless.”

Okay, so why should Jeff Foxworthy have all the fun? Add your own “You might be a TacTard if…”. Just please keep it clean.

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