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Colt: An Icon in the Firearms Industry

This past week, for the first time in a long time, Colt Firearms invited a group of gun writers to visit their plant in in Hartford, Connecticut. And I was pleased to be among the chosen. I had never visited … Continue reading

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More Tactards

A while back, Richard Mann coined the term TacTard to describe an individual who is tactically misguided. Richard claims he stole the term from someone else, but I choose to give him credit for it and, since this is my … Continue reading

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There’s a Lesson Here, Somewhere

Dodge City, April, 1879 –¬†Frank Loving was a young gambler who made his living on the frontier circuit. He had focused his attention on getting good with cards and neglected the equally important education of getting good with guns. On … Continue reading

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Express Sights

When using the defensive handgun, we know that the shooter’s number of center hits increases dramatically when he uses his sights. But, after all, your life is at stake and you’ve got to get those shots off as quickly as … Continue reading

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