One Year On, “West of Somewhere” Is Still Going Strong

Sheriff Jim Wilson photographed for the cover West of Somewhere
I am pleased to report that my CD, WEST OF SOMEWHERE, continues to have good sales and get good reviews. In fact, it was recently reviewed by Canadian Cowboy Country magazine. In addition, we are getting good air play on the various stations that feature a cowboy music radio show.

I recorded the album in Jim Jones’ Albuquerque studio, with Jim producing and providing much of the musical and vocal backup. Jim and I have performed together since we first met at a jam session at the Academy of Western Artists doo-da a few years ago. Jim is a great performer and songwriter and we manage to have a lot of fun together while going down the road.

WEST OF SOMEWHERE is compiled of a group of western songs that we tested before audiences all over the Southwest. I like the approach of recording songs that you already know that the audiences enjoy. This album includes several songs written by Ian Tyson, the cowboy music icon, along with tunes by Tom Russell and Townes Van Zandt. Great tunesmiths, all.

You can get a copy of WEST OF SOMEWHERE by clicking on the appropriate icon at the top of this page. Or just send $17 (check or money order) to Buscadero Productions, P.O. Box 1134, Alpine, Texas, 79831. Be sure to include a note if you’d like for me to sign it for you.

Western music is simply a pure form of folk music. I’m always looking for songs that will speak to western people. Western songs don’t always have to touch on tumbleweeds, cactus, coyotes, and dead horses, but they do have to touch your heart in some way or another.

Cowboys? The world is full of cowboys because everyone is from WEST OF SOMEWHERE.

By the way, this is the 100th post on my blog. I hope you are enjoying it. If so, spend some time visiting our sponsors and let them know about it. Also, thanks to my web manager, Carlos Vazquez, for all of his hard work. I’m having fun and I sure hope that you are, too.

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13 Responses to One Year On, “West of Somewhere” Is Still Going Strong

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  2. Don (Dusty) Campbell says:

    Sheriff, I have never had so much trouble trying to buy something in my life (your last album). Your first I bought in person in California when I went to the “End of Trail”. I won’t give up, I’m sure I can’t figure it out because of my age. I do want to buy 2 of your latest CDs. You should keep making CDs, damn, you tell it like it is. (from an over than 60 person who has traveled some of the same trail you have)

  3. Don (Dusty) Campbell says:

    Trying to order on line. Damn, it is hard to give you my money. : -)

  4. Don (Dusty) Campbell says:

    Thanks so much Sheriff Wilson, this CD was just what the doctor ordered. We have waited a long time from the last one until this one, thank you so much. I can smell the horse sweat, tasting the sweat from my face as I ride along, feeling the rhythm of an old Appaloosa who will still give you a 100% of what he has; hearing the squeaking of the leather saddle. Dear God I only hope Heaven is half as good as this! Dusty!

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