The Mossberg Maverick

As I write this, I have just completed a writers’ seminar with Mossberg. We shot their Flex System shotguns and their ARs and had a ball. I may very well be writing about some of those in the weeks to come. But, right now, I want to tell you about the gun that was the hit of the session. It was the Mossberg Maverick Tactical Over & Under.

This shotgun comes with 18 1/2-inch barrels, an attractive matte black finish, a fiber-optic front sight, and a short tactical rail rear sight. The Maverick has a single trigger and a tang-mounted safety that allows you to select which barrel fires first. The internal hammers are cocked mechanically, instead of being inertia driven. And you can select a model with cylinder-bored barrels or one with screw-in chokes. The entire shotgun is only 36 1/2-inches long, which is about 4 inches shorter than a pump shotgun with the same barrel length.

This is a very useful shotgun for home & personal defense. Its short length, over all, makes it perfect for negotiating tight corners in the home. The barrel selector allows you to load each barrel with a different cartridge, depending upon your needs, and select which barrel you need to fire in a given situation. The Maverick is light, handy, and easy to shoot. You wouldn’t believe what we were doing with slugs at 50 and 100 yards on steel targets.

Naturally, we noticed a few things that needed changing. For instance the guns we shot had extractors instead of ejectors. We recommended that be changed so that the gun would throw the empties out and reduce reloading time. We also recommended that the tactical rail be moved from the top of the gun to the bottom of the lower barrel so that a tactical light could be mounted. Something like the XS Express sights should be on top, with a Big Dot on the front ramp.

One thing I like about working with people like the folks at Mossberg is that Linda Powell listened to our suggestions and immediately got on the phone with her boss and relayed the message. As I write this, Mossberg will be incorporating some, or all, of our suggestions into the Maverick shotgun.

We had three Gunsite instructors handling range duties for our seminar and the three of them have already ordered four of the Maverick Tactical Over & Under shotguns. That’s how cool this shotgun really is. So you might want to check it out when you get a chance. Right now, the gun is so new that you won’t find it on the Mossberg web site, but it is included in their catalog. I don’t, yet, have an MSRP on the Maverick but wouldn’t be surprised if you could buy it for around $500, maybe less.

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    • Cansu says:

      This is with out a doubt the best way to store a shotgun loaedd for personal defense as is suggested by Eric. I truly think the magazine coil spring will likely last a mans lifetime even in this loaedd condition. Just a simple matter to check it every year or so to be positive it will feed correctly. I have slightly stretched the coil spring on a Winchester model 12 20 ga. that was made about 1950 and it has never failed me yet but it is not kept loaedd today. Be sure to measure it before you stretch it and only lengthen it an inch & a half if appears weak. I use another method on a 12 ga. Win model 1200 that I keep behind my bedroom door in a loaedd position. There are no children in my house & the only teen that does visit is gun savvy & schooled on firearm safety. Since this pump action shotgun is occasionally used in the field or at a clay shoot it is legally plugged for a capacity of three rounds only. Therefore not wanting to put a dummy shell in the chamber I just fully load all three shells in it making sure the safety is on and I push the slide release and pull the slide back until I can see half the shell exposed then I sit it behind the door. If I or my wife were in need to use it quickly simply push the slide closed & push the safety off & fire. Just remember not to rack it before firing or you will only have two rounds in it & it could be you were counting on three rounds. I have used this method several years now & feel it will provide me protection if it is ever called on. I also have a fully loaedd .40 Glock with a laser holstered between the mattress’sunder the valance. My wife has a loaedd air weight S&W .38 spl. in the drawer in her nightstand. This is our safe room you might say since the gun vault is on the other end of the house. In this rural area there are no specific laws on loaedd guns but it is common sense that guns are to be rendered childproof where children are present. Just remember to be aware of the condition and the location of every gun that may be used in an emergency & please use all caution so that you and only qualified family members can get access to any gun loaedd or not. It’s our parental obligation to teach safety & firearm proficiency. A family that hunts shoots & collects guns together and excercises proper safety will be a close happy family with responsible members through adulthood & the rest of their life. I see it every day. JD

      • Rob Stewart says:

        In Canada we can’t store a loaded gun. We CAN keep the shotgun in a cabinet with the ammo on a shelf or even in a holder on the butt stock. That way it’s ONE key to get in. Practice loading the first round through the ejection port on a pump and then do that so you’re ready and then start loading more in the tube while at the ready position.

  1. Tj says:

    Mossberg Maverick DID make one of those HS-12 tactical home defense with the picatinney rail underneath the barrel. It was banned from importation by the ATF as it was considered “non-sporting” (these are made in Turkey from what I understand). I have one of these with the rail if you’d like to see any pictures, give me an E-mail and I’ll happily send them to you. This is simply a fun shotgun to shoot.

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  3. I have had Mossberg shotguns since I was a kid, have a 500 by my bedside. Had a chance to shoot the Keltec KSG, I am now on the waiting list for one of the KSGs, what a powerhouse, Hope the Sheriff gets to shoot one soon. H

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  5. Fiftycal says:

    How about 10 in. barrels and delete the stock and make it an AOW?

  6. Roger Bellinger says:

    Just purchased the Maverick HS12, and I just love it for home protection.

  7. Charles Rogers says:

    An over/under for home defense? Not a good idea, I’m sure
    it is a quality gun, but one needs a pump action, with 18 in.
    (fed minimum length) with cylinder bore barrel, with at least
    6 rounds, you may have 2 or more home invaders, and you
    only have 2 shots before you have to reload, then you are
    already dead, in this case more is always better. I will use
    my over/unders for hunting..

    • Rob Stewart says:

      Time and again on youtube I see videos of home invaders BOLTING at the first sign of a gun or the first shot. That said, I don’t disagree. It really depends on the shooter. If my wife were alone I could see her grabbing something like this. I on the other hand am going for the hand gun or the pump shotgun 🙂

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  11. Rob Stewart says:

    I’m picking one up tonight, NOT for HD but for small game hunting and bush whacking. I really think Mossberg is missing a version of this gun, marketed to hunters who don’t want to drag a freaking 28″ or 30″ barrelled shotgun through the bushes!

    Mossberg should make a version that is camo, has sling swivels, a sling, a full set of choke tubes including an extra cylinder bore and a turkey choke. Throw in a soft case with molle attachments that is big enough to put the broken down gun in and strap to a backpack.
    (Maybe even get rid of the front rail)

    At the end of the day, except for the camo, I will be buying extra chokes, throwing on a red dot and using this as my squirrel/rabbit/turkey/deer gun that I don’t mind carrying 5 or 10 km on a hike/hunt.

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